Hi everybody! My name is Ilde...

Hi everybody!

My name is Ilde and I'm a business communication specialist with a strong passion for street art and photography. I know that my English isn't so good, but I'd like to talk with the whole world! Ok, no more chatting, I start my story from the beginning!

After my graduate day (I have a business communication degree), I have spent a very happy and confident period. I had one aim: to get the world! So, I have done many work experiences and improved my personal knowledge. However, to cut a long story short, my hopes have been more than the reality and now I'm 30 years old, with no job and a little bag full of skills, know-how and dreams...

After panic moments and midlife crisis (Italian grandmothers' questions about when I'll settle down aren't so pleasant), I have realized that I'm not so bad and that passion for my work grows.

So, with a little bit of courage, I'm here to tell about my adventures and about my new job experiences. In particular, I will deal with marketing, business communication, events and art exhibitions. Also, it will be a pleasure for me to respond to your questions about these particular subjects.

Well, happy reading!

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